MKT Cheese Board  accoutrements 

16  Chilled Seafood Salad  marinated shelfish, herbs, chile, lemon, virgin oil

 8  Deviled Eggs  bacon, mustard cream, pea shoots

 6  Pimento Dip  cheddar, sour cream, cream cheese, crackers

 7  Shaved Brussels’ Sprouts  parmesan, candied nuts, garlic mustard vinaigrette  

 9  Smoked Trout Dip  house pickles, mustard. horseradish, scallion, lemon, crackers



MKT Soup of the Day

11  Buttermilk Flash Fried  Rhode Island Calamari  red sauce, lemon

 9  Baked Local Oysters  bacon, roasted garlic, spinach, brie

11  Roasted PEI Mussels  Troeg's beer, andouille, fennel, garlic, chile butter, tboast

11  Steamed Shrimp Dumplings  warm soy ginger broth, pea shoots 

23  Buttermilk Flash Fried Baby Lobster Tails  spicy mayo, soy ginger, lemon  

12  Roasted Little Machipongo Clams  fennel butter clam jus, chili flake, lemon, toast



 8  Baby Kale  pecorino, red onion, almond, truffle oil, lemon

 8  Spinach  geen apple, bleu cheese, cranberries, candied nuts, orange-vanilla vinaigrette 

 8  Iceberg Wedge  spicy blue cheese dressing, pickled red onion, tomato, bacon  

 8  Caesar  romaine, butter croutons, white anchovies, parmesan  

 8  Chopped Greek  farm veggies, olives, feta, herbs, red vinegar, virgin oil



23  Pan Seared Cod  mash potatoes, rustic corn, clam chowder

28  Seafood Stew  fresh Fish, shellfish, lobster, tomato seafood broth, herbs, lemon, grilled bread 

23  Shrimp & Grits  roasted cherry tomatoes, baby kale, lemon butter

26  Lobster Cavatapi  peas, crispy bacon, herb bread crumbs, lobster white cheddar cream 

28  Seared Dayboat Scallops  cauliflower puree, dirty brussels'

32  Grilled NY Strip Steak  chimichurri steak fries, hollandaise, sunny side up egg

21  Buttermilk Flash Fried Oyster  salt fries, coleslaw, pickles, tartar, lemon  

26  Spice Seared Tuna  over Bluecoast chopped greek salad

22  14 Hour Colorado Lamb Ribs vinegar bbq mop, salt fries, coleslaw, pickles, grilled scallion



 4  Made to Order Cole Slaw

 6  Daily Farm Veggies

 8  Dirty Brussels Sprouts (bacon)

 6  Cheese Grits

 4  Mash Potatoes

 6  Garlic Greens

 7  Garlic & Truffle Tater Tots

 5  Salt Fries 

 6  Bacon & Onion Farm Beans



 8  Warm Bread Pudding  vanilla ice cream, cinnamon sugar, caramel              

 8  Key Lime Pie  graham cracker crust, mango sauce

 8  Coconut Cheesecake  graham cracker crust, dark chocolate sauce, toasted coconut

 8  Warm Fudge Brownie Sundae  peanut butter ice cream, chocolate, caramel, candied nuts, fresh cream, sprinkles 


No Separate Checks. No Substitutions, Please. Children’s Menu Available.

All items subject to change based on availability.